Our daughter was having constant migraine headaches. With this constant pain her quality of life was not that of what a young child’s should be. We did not want to give our child dangerous medications that could be habit forming or that could interfere with her clear thinking. After seeing Dr. Godbersen we have seen a happier child, a child that is concentrating easier at school. She is reading better and thinking more clearly. We recommend Chiropractic care to parents who have children that are faced with chronic symptoms and want to alleviate the pain without medications that can interfere with their clear thinking. ~Angela – Katrina’s mother

I was experiencing lower back pain without the ability to function at home and work. Being healthy is very important to me and my family. After one week of ibuprofen and ice, I decided that this was too long and I needed help fast so I could be mobile for a new child that we are expecting in our home. Since receiving care from Dr. Godbersen I am able to bend and sit more easily. 1st Choice Chiropractic Center has wonderful service with a friendly family atmosphere. ~Lori

I met Dr. Gobersen at the Newton County Fair and he pointed out some trouble areas during their spinal screening. At the time I was experiencing lower back pain and headaches. After visually seeing my x-rays I knew I needed to make a commitment to correct the troubled areas of my spine. I am now living with no pain and no headaches. I am excited about my future and living it pain free. My overall mobility and balance have improved so much. I recommend chiropractic care to everyone that is having any kind of back pain so they can feel awesome. ~Georgia

1. Before 1st Choice Chiropractic Center I was in REALLY BAD SHAPE. In 1985 I was involved in a car wreck that may have initially started my problems. I never went to the doctor for a check up but had constant headaches. My “ex” husband and I had a volatile relationship. In 1998 we had a very physical split up. My back and neck were hurt badly but I was a single Mom with two little girls and did not have the time or the money to see anyone about it. I was very active. I liked wrestling with the kids. I worked out. I lifted weights. Over the years the pain got worse but I thought I was learning to live with it and that was just the way it had to be. The headaches got worse. Then my knee started hurting. My ankle started hurting. My feet were hurting all the time. And although I thought I was doing ok, I realized later that I was pretty grumpy all the time because I didn’t feel good. I wasn’t working out anymore which made me feel worse. I am having problems with my weight that brought on depression. It was such a gradual process I didn’t realize what kind of shape I had let myself get into.
2. I realized I needed help when I was remarried in 2004. I married a very caring and Godly man who wanted me to feel the best I could ALL the time. He finally talked me into going to a chiropractor. I fought him every step of the way but finally gave in. I visited a lady that I really liked. She was cheap and had done this a long time. She knew what she was doing and I started getting better. The problem was, I still had to go back EVERY month! I probably needed to go more than that but she was very busy and it was hard for me to get in. I eventually just quit going. I was better than I was and thought if I could do ok with the pain the way I was…than I will do great now because I was a little better. Over time, of course, I have gotten worse. My husband started meeting with some friends once a week and got to know Scott Godbersen. My husband was impressed with his knowledge of the human body and the passion for his job. My husband came home and told me he wanted me to make an appointment with Scott. I told him I would think about it….we would see. Three days went by. I came home with a terrible headache, chest pains and tingling in my legs. At that point it didn’t matter what I said, my husband called and made me an appointment.
3. When I visited 1st Choice Chiropractic Center, my first impression was “Wow”. Everyone in there seemed to genuinely care about what was wrong. If they asked a question, they REALLY wanted to hear the answer. Dr. Scott took the time to explain how the spine worked. Why it was important to take care of it and the long-term effects if you don’t. After him explaining my x-rays I felt guilty and selfish for not taking better care of myself. I am 41 and realize that if I don’t do a better job now at taking care of myself, what in the world am I going to be like when I am 51….61….or 81? I want to feel better so I can be a better person for my loving husband and great kids. Let alone my future grandkids!!!! Plus I wanted to be able to enjoy my everyday life more.
4. I was concerned about the cost of the treatment. I was concerned about the time I had to commit to going for my appointments. And it hurt when Dr. Scott would adjust me. BUT after almost two weeks (on a Thursday) of doing things the Doc’s way, I woke up for the first time in nine years WITH NO PAIN! That made me a believer!!!! I can even move the laundry from the washer to the dryer with no pain. I actually laugh more now. I feel better. I can do more around my house and with my family and friends because I WANT to and FEEL like it! I have even attempted to start working out more. I am taking baby steps, but it feels good to even be able to do the little things that I couldn’t do before because of the pain.
5. 1st Choice Chiropractic has not only started the healing process for me they have also educated me on spine care. With this information I can now take better care of my body in the future to avoid ever getting back into this shape again.
6. I would recommend going to visit Scott at 1st Choice Chiropractic Center as soon as possible if you are having ANY kind of trouble. You won’t know if your spine is triggering your pain unless you go visit their office. You would be surprised to learn the effects your spine has on every part of your body! PLEASE NOTE: I DID NOT SAY GO VISIT ANY CHIROPRACTOR. I said visit Scott at 1st Choice Chiropractic Center. I have never met anyone who sincerely cares for their patients like he and the wonderful women in his office do. Dr. Scott takes the time to ask questions, listen and educate. I praise God every day for bringing them into my life. Even after my treatment is done, I plan on going into visit. This is not only the place I go for healing, it is a place I go to visit my new friends. After reading this if you have questions for me or just want to see if I am a real person, please feel free to contact me at 417-439-5710. Please give them a chance. You won’t regret it! Nora Houdyshell, Neosho, Mo

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